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Montana has amazing things to offer. Join us as we celebrate the people, places, events and good things that Montana has to offer. From the amazing businesses, to the Friday night happenings, you are sure to find something to love about Montana!

Glacier Park Montana

Serving and caring for people is my passion and I've made a career of caring by providing great medical and surgical care for pets! As a state-of-the-art veterinary hospital, we offer laser surgery, orthopedic surgery and ultrasound/echocardiagram. The Animal Clinic of... Read more


I try to be fashion forward, light, fun, and energetic in the way I approach every event!” Kalispell, Montana award winning!  Wayne and Vicki Murphy, husband and wife team of JMK... Read more

Pets plus

We work 24/7! Pets-Plus, located in the Flathead Valley is serving all aspects of pet care. Beginning their business in Northern Nevada in 1997, after having their own dogs (rescued beagles), they moved to Kalispell in 2012, and started Pets-Plus and... Read more


Montana's Premier Backcountry Skiing Experience Great Northern Powder Guides, Located in Whitefish Montana, only minutes from the international border, presents one of the more unappreciated areas of wilderness in North America.  Nestled between the awe-inspiring peaks of Glacier National Park, and the... Read more


We use only the finest materials! Celebrating 20 years in business this year, Cool Water Jewelry of Montana is a born  Read more


Its all about Montana 2014 Made in Montana Trade Show Coming up soon, the Made in Montana Show will be held on March 21st and 22nd in  Read more

Swan Mountain Outfitters

Find the best in western Montana guided hunting trips! Swan Mountain Outfitters is a premier full service horseback based Montana outfitter, offering guided hunting trips, guided fishing trips, and summer pack trips. Floating down Swan River or exploring Glacier National Park and the... Read more

Nikole Greer Photography

WORDS INSPIRED BY NATURE Nikole Rae Greer Photography, located in Bozeman, MT, is offering a unique kind of art.   Read more

Odie Fashion

  Designing/creating one of kind pieces and selling vintage fashion! Odi'e Fashion is a steampunk/retro fashion design label, and online vintage store with a modern twist.  Getting her start in 2006 by illustrating and designing a complete clothing collection of six pieces that she submitted to the Hatchfest's ... Read more

Montana Better Beef

The only way to know what you are eating, is to buy direct from the producer! Montana Better Beef, located right here in the Flathead Valley, is offering certified organic, grass fed beef.  Their cattle have never been exposed to any hormones, antibiotics,... Read more

Montana Business Directory

    LOOKING FOR SOMETHING FUN TO DO UNDER THE BIG SKY??   NORTHWEST Spring Thaw Arts and Craft Show March 15 Hamilton, MT Location: First Interstate Center Hours: Saturday, 9am-4pm Missoula Spring Art Fair April... Read more

Chalet Market Montana

Award winning meat sticks Chalet Market located South of the I-90 interchange in Belgrade Montana, is offering up an... Read more

Swan Mountain Outfitters

Why do you love Montana? : The natural beauty that surrounds us and the friendly people that we interact with every day! Why did you start your business? or Career?: We are passionate about the outdoors and even more passionate about Montana. We grew up spending lots of time on family vacations and feel those... Read more

Tedx Whitefish

May 29th, 2013.....A sudden, and abrupt, introduction to Miss Cassandra Sunell, would forever change my course of direction....... This particular night, I was attending the Flathead Area Young Professionals... Read more


This blog post is written by our guest blogger Marijane, out of Bozeman Montana. I want you to reflect on your own life and how you can give back. You may already do.  These are the types of stories that bring value to who we are as Montanan's. And it also shines light on all the generosity around us, and how sometimes, we forget to say thank... Read more

Kelly Kirksey Photography

Maria asked if I would write on why I love photography, but that's a hard order for someone like me. My first thought was I love people more than photography. Don't get me wrong, I get so excited when I see a finished session or when prints are delivered to my house. But what gets me the most is the experience that I get to have with my clients... Read more

Christmas Quest

Every year at this time I start my quest……………that “high/low” search for the perfect gift! I have made notes during the year and watched and listened as... Read more

Montana State Capital

Have you been to our state capitol in Helena? I must admit that as a native Montanan and... Read more


No REALLY, Move on if you can't take this..... I just had an epiphany this morning. I woke up, grabbed my coffee and sat down at my desk as I do every morning. I work from home so I don't have to 'get ready' in order to start my day. As I sit here, I go through my tasks for the day and plan out what I need to get done. Today is a unique day, my... Read more

FIshtail General Store

What does a “pioneering spirit” mean to you? Webster Dictionary defines “pioneer” as “to help create or develop (new ideas, methods, etc.)” Words to describe that include: Explorer, Pathfinder, Trailblazer. Those words conjure up visions of the early days in the West. I was recently reminded of this same spirit that we see in Montana... Read more

November Giveaway

WIN a Water Bottle!!! Win a Montana Under the Big Sky DVD and..... a $25 Gift Card to your FAVORITE LOCAL MONTANA STORE!!!! PLUS.....the 'store' that you claim as a "GREAT MONTANA STORE" will be highlighted on our site and social media!!! So SHARE who you love!!! Enter by Filing out the Simple Form AND by Giving a SHOUT OUT to your FAVORITE... Read more

Halloween events 2013

Flathead Valley Wednesday October 30th The Salvation Army invites everyone to its harvest-fest carnival from 6 to 8 p.m. at 110 Bountiful Dr. in Kalispell. Games will range from basketball, football and softball throws to a cupcake walk, fishing and duck ponds and a bean-bag... Read more

Montana Cows

This week I heard of a story that touched me about the “heart of Montana” and the spirit of generosity. I have grown up being taught that when your neighbors need help that is just what you do. I was raised in a rural area and our community pulled out all the stops to support each other when the need was there. The events were many; whether it... Read more

Montana Combines

I have the privilege of being in relationship with a great many Montana businesses- not only as a consumer, but as an independent sales representative with a background in retail, marketing and management.  As I partner with businesses, watch them grow and celebrate their success, I am inspired and impressed.  It is worth considering what... Read more

Breast Cancer Awareness

Over the past week, I have seen countless people celebrating breast cancer awareness over all platforms of social media. Just today, I noticed a post of someone who said they were tired of seeing all the posts of breast cancer awareness, and were wondering why we don't celebrate breast health. This sparked me to enlighten some of you. Either... Read more

Hunting in Montana

As the leaves begin to change and the warmth turns to cool you can almost smell fall in the air. The changing of the seasons doesn’t just signify the coming of the holidays. For most Montanans it signifies the beginning of hunting season. Traditions are passed through generations and families get together to bond over an old pastime. Whether you... Read more

Montana Bear

The majestic mountains of Montana are a mecca for lovers of extreme outdoor adventure. If you are planning a romantic weekend getaway or a fun-filled family vacation, Montana is an ideal travel destination for those who enjoy experiencing nature via canoeing, 4-wheeling, gold panning, camping, caving, whitewater rafting, mountain biking,... Read more

Strengther in Numbers

As people come to Montana, they may not know what they are really in for. As Montana residents, live and breath, Montana, visitors often don't get the true reality that may happen behind the scenes. Montana is full of talented individuals and a lot of these talented people go unnoticed. The people I am talking about are not the major businesses... Read more

Glacier Park Montana

Today, I thought I would enlighten readers of WHY Montana is just SOOOO awesome. Of course, when you live here (at least for me), its easy to love this place. For many, though, there are times when you wonder....hmmmm, what makes this place so great....? With that said, I found some great facts about Montana that I wanted to share (along with my... Read more


Intermountain is an organization that is doing great things for hundreds of children and families in the Flathead Valley. The non-profit was founded in Helena, but branched out in 2008 to provide some services for children that were needed in the Flathead Valley. Providence Home, Intermountain’s first project in the Flathead Valley, is the... Read more

Glacier Park Montana

As we start to hunker down and get ready for the new school year. Now is the time to take a moment for yourself and for Montana. To celebrate, Find It Montana would love to give 1 lucky person: -Montana Under the Big Sky DVD *a DVD of HUNDREDS of Inspirational MONTANA images and music provided by  Read more

Glacier Park Montana

Glacier National Park is a beauty all on its own. There is a different atmosphere to Glacier that makes me feel like I am in a whole new world. I grew up in the mountains of Montana, but the mountains of Glacier Park are different and unique. It makes for a more beautiful experience. This week, I had the pleasure of driving my in laws up to... Read more

Weekend Happenings

As we kick off another great weekend in August, we are blessed to have not just 1 thing to do, but MANY things to do around Montana. So no matter where you are, you can find something to keep yourself busy this weekend. All of which, also helps out our local economy and brings smiles to faces. *Click on Event Title for a link to MORE... Read more

Kalispell High Heel a Thon

On July 20th, 2013, I strapped on my purple high heels and walked down Main Street in downtown Kalispell. It wasn't about my cool purple shoes, my blue dress and my purple boa, it was about taking a stand against domestic violence and NOT being silent about it. 2 1/2 months ago, I was called by the Director of the Abbie Shelter and Violence... Read more

This July has been a month to remember. The great part about it, we still have all of August and most of September to really get a feel for Montana in its finest. Although we haven't had a huge amount of huckleberries popping up in the lower elevations, people are seeing more of the 'Montana' fruit in the high country. But fear not, Montana will... Read more

Trailhead Supply Kalispell Montana  Read more

Cafe Max Soup Company On: July 15, 2013 By: Maria... Read more


Some may not understand the true value that we hold in Montana. As a native here, I am a little bias because I don't really know any different. But, with that said, I have experienced some pretty amazing things in the past couple of days that makes me truly love the people here. We look at social media and we see friends, acquaintances and then... Read more

Independence Day

July is a fun and eventful month in Montana. It is also a time when a lot of people visit Montana as we have beautiful weather and lots of activity. July kicks off many exciting things in the area and here is a list of what is happening around the area to celebrate the 4th of July. This is not a complete list but it will give you some things to... Read more

Whats Included in Find It Montana

When you step into the world of a 'Find It Montana' directory listing, you are in for more than just your words on a page. We want to highlight WHAT you get, HOW we promote you and WHY we promote you. First of all, we have several options on the site  Read more

Montana has a way of just... Read more

Miss Pretty Picky Cleaning Services

I have grown up here and I just love being next to my family. I love summer and the clean water. I love the fresh air and I love the friendly people that live here. Why did you start your business? or Career? I originally started my business because a friend was moving out of town and was looking to... Read more

wordpress Tag CLoud

Often I get asked "why are you using a 'blog' for your website?" Funny thing is, my 'blog' is a POWERHOUSE website that does more than what you many may think. I use Wordpress for all my websites and blogs. Yes, I want a 'blog' but most of all, I want a flexible solution for businesses that makes SENSE, and is GREAT for EVERY type of... Read more

Gold Rush Pawn

Montana has it all! Majestic snow capped mountains, crystal clear rivers and lakes, ancient forests and wildlife of every description. Montana is rich in history recalling the old west, with ranches,,railroads and parks galore. There are a multitude of recreational opportunities available. Horseback riding,skiing, boating, hunting, fishing, and... Read more

business and fitness

Well, now this is a broad subject that can go many ways.... Years ago, the golf course was a place for business and fitness to be connected. A walk around the course, business negotiations and some friendly handshakes. Now, while the golf course is still a place to close a deal, business and fitness have taken an incredible turn. Not only can... Read more


Have you looked at your local competition lately? Have you looked at what they are doing an what is working for them? What about the events they are doing, or activities they are involved in? What are you doing to compare? Well, I tell you now to STOP! Well, mostly stop. Why? It isn't about what THEY are doing, it is about what you... Read more

Rise above marketing

Everyday we are bombarded with a million different tactics to get us to notice brands. Many tactics leave a sour taste in the consumers mouth, but what consumers don't realize, is that we,as a business, have something great for consumers. Or do we? What isn't clear is the final objective. Often times a consumer gets bombarded with sales... Read more

Facial Massage

May is a month for so many things! Flower Month, National BBQ Month, Salad Month (gotta love those local farms), Photo Month (amazing LOCAL photographers), Egg Month (YUM), Hamburger Month, American Bike Month, Physical Fitness and Sports Month, and don't for get the MOST important, MOTHER'S DAY!!! So in light of this great month, a great... Read more

Do you know your why?

Why have you not taken that step? Do you realize the value that you hold within yourself? What is it that is making you not move forward? These questions.....I see them everyday. Or at least, I see the results of THEM NOT HAPPENING, everyday. I come across many people who have dreams and ambitions in life, but why do they not succeed? ... Read more

business star

Do you realize the value that you already hold? Do you give yourself some credit when credit is due? Do you want to be a SUPERSTAR? Do you want to deliver something phenomenal! Well, You CAN, and you will, if you just GO FOR IT!! Be a superstar by delivering something great! Not just once, but OVER and OVER. It doesn't matter if you do... Read more

Business marketing and the morning after

This article was written for 406 Woman Magazine and published January 2013. Its 6am on a Tuesday morning. You feel completely drained because your Monday was horrific. Now you feel your week is just going to get worse. You grab your coffee and you wonder how today can be different. ... Read more

Building Value in Business

What does a 'buyer/client/customer' want from you? Does it end at the sale? Or does the value your customer seeks, continue. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, value is an important factor that will carry your image for years to comes. The value you create for your brand will be an indicator for how future business will... Read more

Find it Montana Directory

"Oh boy, someone is at it again......another phone call, another letter, and NOW another way to spend some money that I don't have." Sound familiar? Daily, we are bombarded with a slew of options for our small business. From advertisers to promotional items and web design to search engine optimization. Everyday,... Read more

What is your vision

Do you want 3-4 hours of my time, FREE? Everyday, I am confronted with businesses having some kind of issue that they just don't know how to handle. Everything from how to network with the right people, to how to blog, to organization and dealing with the 'tough' customer. What do you struggle with? One of the services that Find It... Read more

Nike Running Park bench marketing example

Have you ever felt that you have put so much out there, in terms of marketing, but receive nothing in return? Do you feel as if you are just writing checks left and right, but still don't have a clue as to where your funds are going? You could be doing what many are guilty of....Targeting EVERYONE but reaching NO ONE. Consider the picture... Read more


Many people wonder why? It is such a simple question that sometimes I forget to just step back and give my reason why.... I have been working so hard to help others see what my passion is, that I haven't really told you why I do what I do. It is simple....yet, detailed.... So here goes.... Are you ready? In high school, I LOVED to run.... Read more

Find it Montana

March 16th, 2013 marks the 1 year anniversary of my 'idea'. This idea stemmed from the longing I could see, and feel, among the people around me. This longing was for something more, something beneficial, and something that was meaningful. 1 year ago, a vision, I decided to step out on a limb, and tell everyone that I wanted to help them. It... Read more

Understanding the local Market

A local business in the Flathead Valley asked me this question yesterday: "How do you test a market to know if its a good advertising venture for your business?" My first thought was that it could take a book to answer that question, but we are going to start with a blog and see if it answers the question, and possibly... Read more

Balancing Work Family, Technology

Everyday I am faced with this challenge, not just from my own family/work balance but from others I work with as well. Unfortunately, we can become so focused on one thing (or idea) and before we know it, a day is gone and we still didn't get everything done. Do you fit this description? I know I do, but I have found some 'things' that have... Read more


This post was originally written in July of 2012, it was never published, but recent events have made me want to publish this and give a great update at the end. JULY, 2012 Today, it was a special day. Most days in my life are because I have 2 wonderful children, a great husband, loving parents (I need to emphasize,... Read more


2013 Vagina Monologues have come and gone. They left our Valley with a huge impact on women's empowerment and the stories will forever touch our hearts. The Abbie Shelter and Violence Free Crisis Line utilizes this event to help raise funds for their organization. It is their biggest fundraising effort for the year. This year's event was 'over the... Read more

building conections

Have you discovered the easiest way for 'YOU' to connect with people? Is it through the phone, face to face interaction, or by staring at a computer screen and 'IM-ing' someone? Whatever your 'Sweet Spot', it is important to understand your clients as well. Not everyone of us likes to cruise through Facebook or view the Twitter feed. Yes, we... Read more

A snowy day in Montana

Simple question...... Why do you LOVE Montana? For your answer, you are entered to win a fun Giveaway from Find It Flathead Clients and the community. *Place your answer in the 'Comment' section of this post. *You receive an entry for every '2' sentences, so the better the description, the more entries. *Click the 'Notify... Read more

the circle

People use the internet to get information. Everything from product reviews, to company information, to vacation spots. If you are looking for something, the internet has the answer for you. Sometimes it may not be the 'right' answer (you shouldn't believe everything you find on the internet) because anyone can put things on the internet. If you... Read more


I sit here on a Friday morning on the first Friday of January, and I wonder, WOW, it was an intense 2012 and 2013 is probably going to be similar. We all have challenges in our life, but it is how we respond to those challenges that make us who we are. I wake up every morning facing new challenges that often develop into great things for my... Read more


When you are looking at creating a website, or updating one, it is important to know what your options are. Making an informed decision will help you overall because you will be thinking of the overall benefits and drawbacks of either design and how it will work with your website and business. Our site, Read more


Approaching 2013, do you have a clear plan of what you want for your business? Do you actually like where your business is going? Are you happy with 2012 or do you want more out of your vision? Have you sat down and asked yourself some of these questions to be better prepared for the new year? It is important for all businesses to do an end of... Read more


Just yesterday, I found myself getting mad at my stupid computer......WHY, because I had several things not work the way it is... Read more

planet earth

This seems like a daily issue around the Facebook field lately....I have seen hundreds of posts lately, and several of them are engaging and informative but they don't really tell about the page posting it.....hmmmmmm..... I think this could mean something. Do you suppose your fans don't want to be SOLD to all the time, or that they just want to... Read more

google vs facebook

Have you noticed a large amount of changes among social media platforms lately? When was the last time you logged into Facebook? Or Twitter? Or Linked In? When you go to these social media platforms, do you intend to shop? Or connect? What do you think your possible clients are coming to do? If you are interacting on Facebook, then it is most... Read more

the goal

What are your dreams and ambitions? What makes you not want to do what you love? Is it the people in your life that make you want to do what your are doing or is it the obligation you feel? Either way, you have what it takes to be who you desire to be. Why are you letting doubt take over? Why do you allow others to decide your fate? Did you know... Read more

Pay it Forward

And so it begins..... It has been two months of planning for this gal. Today marks the start of the Abbie Shelter Online Silent Auction. I have to say, this has not been an easy task for someone who has NEVER done a fundraiser, but I have learned a lot and I am excited to help the Abbie Shelter in anyway possible. This... Read more

It is now the Sunday after Thanksgiving. I am siting here wondering how to collect all my thoughts and get ready for Christmas. Many parts of me feel as though Christmas has been very distorted around here. We a so focused on the products of Christmas but we forget that it's not about the best gift or the most fancy stocking stuffer. It's about... Read more

Lets face it, technology is not going away. It is evolving faster than we blink. Often times, you buy the newest gadget, just to find out they have an upgraded model that your friend just bought. It can get frustrating at times, because you may get confused at what you should and shouldn't buy, or stay connected with. This is just a quick post to... Read more

cold swim

Back in July, I posted a similar article on How to Sustain Your Business During the 'off' Season. I wanted to elaborate on the post a bit and give you some updated tips! We all DEFINITELY know that this area can be very tough during this time of year. We have low visitor numbers and we just don't get people moving around as much. It seems ironic... Read more


What is Collaboration? Collaboration is an important ingredient to the success of businesses. Especially small businesses in our community, because it can bring a bigger awareness of products, producers and suppliers. So why collaborate? When you collaborate with other business and members of the community, it can help your overall exposure in the... Read more

Find It Flathead October 2012 Whats Happening Hello Business Owners, It has been a busy summer and things are starting to wind down for fall. Here are some updates of what is going on in the Flathead and how your business can grow. First, if you don't have PAID listing, be sure to contact me  Read more

It is NOT easy to do everything we want or need to do. As humans, we have given ourselves so many 'things' to do and it can end up ruining what we have and cherish. Lately, I have had to really re-evaluate how I manage myself because I end up putting things to the 'side' that need to be at the foremost of my day. As a Mom, business owner and... Read more

So here we are, roughly 6 months since the launch of Find It For You Flathead and does this mean exactly? Well, it could mean that there is this lady that wants to promote local business, and wants to make marketing affordable, and knows many people who have great products or services that could really benefit from... Read more

We know that marketing our businesses can be timely and be expensive. Sometimes, we may think that the time commitment of marketing outweighs the potential expense. So we do what seems easy and just pay someone else to do it for us. With this type of 'strategy' you can end up paying a lot of money and getting little return for it. Plus, you... Read more

on the rocks

I know we still have some time before our summer 'tourist' season ends, but we need to give some thought on what our 'seasonal' businesses should do to keep afloat during the down time. Living in the beautiful northwest corner of Montana has many advantages. We see wildlife, smell fresh air, see beautiful landscapes and the hustle and bustle of... Read more

The past four months have been a growing hiatus of phone calls, emails, meetings and relationship building conversations that have really blown me away. The time that has been spend on other people far exceeds the time I have spend on myself. Between the start of a new business, my family, and the regular turns of life, I have been without a lot... Read more

How can we help our locals? It seems like it would be so easy to help our friend’s right? But really its not. It’s not easy because WE make it difficult. ‘We’ as in the consumers and the businesses. First of all, as a consumer, we need to get it into our heads that there are thousands of businesses here in our neighborhoods that have... Read more

Ut Oh, Google's at it again!!!!! Google has embarked on the knowledge graph. This graph is simply a different way Google filters your searches. Why this so called "knowledge graph"? Everyone and their dog is on the internet. The knowledge graph was created to help the searcher by figuring out what exactly they are looking for. Obviously,... Read more

Visibility: "What is it, who has it, and how do I get it?" Take a good look at this infographic. The circular data represents the number of businesses in each industry. I don't know about you, but I had no idea there were so many. Creating this infographic for Find it Flathead opened my eyes to just how much the... Read more

How can we integrate our local marketing to actually hit our locals? Why is it so difficult to grow as a local businesses, and Why do our local consumers not shop from our local retailers? Its all about education and showing people that there are resources, locally, that can get the job done. The start of this needs to come from the business... Read more

So one of my philosophies during the start of my business was to make sure I am always focused on helping clients. There are so many things I like to do, but my clients don't like to do, or don't have time to do. Thats part of why I love what I do. In light of that, it is important to understand that not everyone likes to do what you do, but... Read more

Only let each person lead the life that they Lord has assigned to him, and to which God has called him. 1cor 7:17 We all have a purpose in life. We may not exactly know what that purpose is or how to achieve it. What about our dreams? Can they be a part of our life as well? If so, why? If not, why not? They are... Read more

Montana Flag

First, what is a neighbor to you? Do you know your neighbors? Or do you ignore them? Do you respect them? Care about them? Trust them? Scared of them? What is it? I may not be perfect friends with some of my neighbors, but I also look at them with a sense of respect. I try to be peaceful and respectful of their property and when they are... Read more

First, I want to introduce myself. I am Maria Phelps, wife, mom, teacher, athlete, writer, marketer, dreamer, horseback riding, people loving, God loving, woman with a dream. I have tried many things, learned from wrongs, learned from rights, and still have passion for what I have created. Developing my own dream was the only answer for me. ... Read more

So for the rest of May, I thought it would be fun to give stuff away. This is a referral type drawing. You refer a business, they mention you, you get your name/business in the drawing. Drawing to be held May 31st. If you do not have a business, then you can still refer people, then choose which 'business' you want to sit in for you. I really... Read more

So much of our lives are on the internet. Everything from texting, emails, apps, social networking and news feeds. The amount of information we come across and find on the internet is endless. Relationships get found and noticed, retailers post information, customers review products and services, people buy products and you can get updated... Read more

It has been 8 weeks since the launch of Find It For You Flathead. The results have been phenomenal and the growth has been through the roof. Thank you to business owners, family and friends who have supported me through this. The site is growing fast and I am so glad this will be a great resource for Flathead Valley Residents, and visitors. I feel... Read more

When I look back at the last 6 weeks, I wonder how this all happened. I had a small idea about 6 months ago. My idea was so small, that I almost didn't do anything about it. Believe me, I have tried SEVERAL things through my little life, and I have learned from many obstacles. This idea kept getting brought up. Struggling with what to do for... Read more

  After one of my friends posted some information about shopping local in her home town, I decided to do some research. It was interesting to see how little you could spend on local businesses and had $10 to your next Walmart shopping trip right? Or when you head to Target, or Ross, you could easily buy a shirt.  What would happen if you... Read more

Our local economy is the driving force for our economy.  The people that work hard in our community are working to stay in our community and to help create a beautiful place.  With the internet so easily accessible, it is important to understand that this can either hurt your business or make it very profitable.  Find It For You Flathead is... Read more

Our family suddenly needed a specific item in our house. Something broke and we needed a part for it (I won't say what as it is a small town and you will know exactly who and where I am talking about it I am too specific). Anyways.....So we can't afford to buy a whole new item, but buying parts should be easy and since there is a business in town... Read more

Finding the right balance can be tough. Its important to choose wisely and seek counsel when needed. Lets look at a few examples of businesses that had a great idea, but fell. A business out of Wisconsin called 'Large Format Digital'. They made logo's for the sides of vehicles. Things were going great for them when they opened, but they decided... Read more



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